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Our Story

We are excited to welcome you to Oak City Architecture!  We love design. And we love working with clients to create a space that will make them happy. For over a decade, Jennifer Heron Brock has been combining these joys through her work on community projects, residential remodels, additions, and new construction.

This is meaningful work to us and we are grateful for the opportunity to help beautify your space.

Though this century presents new and exciting demands for how we live, many of us also realize that there are countless reasons to stay in our older homes. Rather than moving from an established neighborhood and a community full of great friends, or tearing down and starting over, there are other and many times better options. Oak City Architecture can give your old home new life: a beautiful and functional life.  We strive to make every inch of your home work for you by redefining rooms, opening up spaces and adding square footage when you are outgrowing what you have.  And when we are all finished, you will love your home.

Getting Started

We know most people have never worked with an architect before and it can feel overwhelming, but our job is to make it a fun and exciting time and relieve you of the headaches. We love questions and we love feedback. Your project is about your wants (not ours) and we hope our expertise will guide you to a wonderful solution.

“We hired Jennifer to design a master plan for our home last year. She was a joy to work with - and exceeded our every expectation. Jennifer phased our project so that we could do the bedroom/bathroom in one phase and then separate phases for the downstairs. She worked closely with us, revising our plans as we honed in on a final budget. She was available to answer our questions and to help us select a reputable contractor. We look forward to working with Jennifer again in the future - and would highly recommend her.” 

Wayne & Becky Felton

We'd love to hear from you


4736 Radcliff Road Raleigh, NC 27609


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